“Victor Could” by Parokya ni Edgar
Album Halina sa Parokya [2005]
Words By Parokya ni Edgar
Music By Parokya ni Edgar
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I could
Rush out the door, get in my car
And drive to you
I really would
Grab all my change and hail a cab
And soon I’d be there

But you won't care
Try as I may but I can't do a thing
'Cause I don't mean a thing to you

I should
Pick up the phone, recite your number in my head
Make sure the line ain't dead
But I pause
And think of words that I would say to you
So you'd love me too

[Repeat CHORUS 1]


I wish
Someday you'd realize the
The way I look into your eyes
And really think
Of possibilities and
Probabilities that maybe someday...

...you would care
I'd give my all and I would do the things
That would mean everything to you

[Halina sa Parokya will be right back after these messages. Don't go away.]
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