About Us
Lyrics Ko ‘To! is a dedicated Web site for Pinoy* lyrics. We feature old and new lyrics whether it be an original or a cover just as long as it is done by a Filipino artist.

The Beginning
The concept of collecting Pinoy lyrics came into the mind of a guy named BP in 2003. Frustration in the lackness of Pinoy lyrics on the Web at that time drove him to make his own site.

The Development
On August 20, 2003, opmlyrics.topcities.com was finally born which composed of static HTML pages. In 2004, the site used the new URL www.opmlyrics.tk, thus the name OPMLyrics.tk. In 2006, lyricskoto.com domain was acquired but no pages were created until April of the same year. [Note: You can refer to the archived pages on the archive.org website.] It was only after four years when the site upgraded again to the current version 3, which featured a database-driven dynamic pages, ending seven years of old school static pages.

The Future
Even though more Pinoy lyrics sites came into existence, Lyrics Ko ‘To! is committed to spreading Pinoy music throughout the world by providing you exact, precise and correct lyrics.

Our Mission
"Spreading Pinoy music worldwide, one song lyrics at a time."

All lyrics are properties and copyright of their owners. All lyrics provided are for educational purposes only. We do not own the songs that appear in this site. We don't intent to infringe copyrighted songs but rather, promote them. It is the sole responsibility of the end user to extend this duty by not breaking any local laws concerning these songs.

* We use the term "Pinoy" instead of "OPM" throughout the site to generalize the scope because many local artists are starting to cover songs done by foreign artists.