“Reason Enough” by Regine Velasquez
Album Reason Enough [1993] / Listen Without Prejudice [1994] / Very Special [1998]
Words By Trina Belamide
Music By Trina Belamide
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I made myself a promise some time ago
Never again to give my heart away
Fell in love with someone who left me in the end
The price of love was just too high to pay

I thought my life had ended but you came along
And showed me how much brighter things could be
Now you see I've turned my back on that promise that I made
Knowing that your love has set me free

'Cause you are reason enough for me to go on living
You are reason enough for me to smile again
In a world where hearts are broken every now and then
One finds reason enough to love
Like I've found reason enough in you to love again

Here I am, all caught up in this new-found love
Feeling like I've never felt before
Putting my love on the line with you, taking a chance again
I'm not afraid to love anymore

[Repeat CHORUS twice]
[Repeat last three lines of CHORUS]
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