“Only You” by Regine Velasquez
Album Covers [2004]
Words By Joey Benin
Music By Joey Benin
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Somebody's watching me, I know, but I can't see you
Somebody's reading what I have in mind
Someone is here beside me, I know, yes, I can feel you
Someone is here, it's you

Whenever I'm alone, I think of you
Whatever comes along, I think of you
Only you

There was once a time when I had all this confusion
I looked for answers that had led me to more questions
But now my life has all been changed because of you
And now I believe it's you (it's you)

[Repeat CHORUS]

I won't let you go
You will always stay inside me
Love will always grow
There will never be another

Somebody's watchin' every little thing I do
Someone is here to guide me through
Someone is here to tell me what is right or wrong
Someone is here, it's you (it's you)

[Repeat CHORUS]
[Repeat REFRAIN twice]

(Only you)
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