“Nocturne” by Sponge Cola
Album Transit [2006]
Words By Yael Yuzon
Music By Yael Yuzon
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Laid my head on the pillow
Watched the night go by
Watched the checkered pillowcases come alive
Silence croons me slowly
And I wonder how you are
Are you sleeping soundly
You don't quite feel as far

Saw your name written on the ceiling
Not sure if I'm still dreaming of you
I've seen you in my sleep

From across the room the clock leers
As I try to sleep again
I would rather shorten the night than lengthen the day
In sleep, we lose our voices
I would rather spend it dreaming of you

[Repeat CHORUS twice]


[Repeat CHORUS twice]

I've seen you in my sleep [3x]
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