“Walking Away” by Techy Romantics
Album Touch [2010]
Words By Camyl Besinga
Music By Ryan Villena / Dondi Virrey
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Here I go again
Wakin' every night
Angered by the thought of you
Walkin' away

Drivin' down all night
Lyin' on my bed
Starin' at this empty room
Walkin' away


I wanna force myself to forget this
'Cause I don't wanna feel your kiss
When I walk the empty streets alone
All I feel is bitterness

You won't be the first one to forget
I'll make sure of it
I won't let you play me like this
You will regret it

[Repeat CHORUS]

If I could only read your mind
I'll never have to be this nice
I'll never have to say I understand
I'll only look you in the eye

And say I'm not surprised that you
Could walk away like this
But why did you ever leave me
I'll never get it

[Repeat CHORUS]

Walkin' away


I don't want to see your face
I don't want to be like this
I just want to sleep in this
I don't want to feel your kiss

[Repeat CHORUS]

Yeah, you're walkin' away
Yeah, you're walkin' away
No, you're walkin' away from me
You're walkin' away
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