“Run” by Techy Romantics
Album Touch [2010]
Words By Camyl Besinga / Ryan Villena / Dondi Virrey
Music By Ryan Villena / Dondi Virrey
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There's a little bit of danger
Hov'rin' in the wind
Weavin' spells into my mind

I can't stop myself from feelin'
This heady state of bliss
Wonderin' if its alright

So I just keep, keep on runnin'
And I don't really feel like stoppin'
When there's nothin' left to say
I'll just do it anyway


It's a rockin' new sensation
I think this must be it
And there's nowhere else to go

There's a little bit of danger
This heady state of bliss
It's the only way I know

[Repeat CHORUS twice]


There's no doubt, this is mine
I will take hold of this life
Livin' loud, livin' free
I'm gonna chase my destiny

[Repeat CHORUS twice]
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