“Can't Let You Go” by Cueshé
Album Half Empty, Half Full [2005]
Words By Cueshé / Michael Manaloto
Music By Cueshé / Michael Manaloto
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I've been to many places
I've met different races
I've seen so many faces
But it's you I can't forget


I've been through high and low
Till I got no where to go
I got this funny feeling
That it's you who I'm still missing, mmm

So, baby, come on
Don't let this go
You know I love you so

Don't throw away
Let our love grow
I can't let you go


We've always been so strong
We almost had it all
Don't give up now on me
'Cause, we will always be, mmm

[Repeat CHORUS twice]

Let's come to think of this
Look at all we could miss
I can't let this happen
'Cause it's you that I'll always be loving


Ohh, I can't let you go
Ohh, I won't let you go
Ohh, I'll never let you go
Ohh, I can't let you go
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