“Make You Mine” by Nina
Album Smile [2003]
Words By The 33rd
Music By The 33rd
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Sorry, my bad

Ooh hey yeah
Do do do doo

Baby boy, you caught my eye
Think about you, baby, all the time
Now, I got you on my mind
Can't wait 'til you are mine

[Repeat CHORUS]

Time after time
I know you've got me lookin'
Are you that fine
Now look, you've got me trippin'

As time goes by
You know you've got me thinkin'
Should I say "Hi"
Could this be the beginning

('Cause I) Wanna know if you feel the same
(Stop wastin' time) 'Cause it's drivin' me insane

[Repeat CHORUS twice]

You make me smile
Each time I think about you
I like your style
There's just something about you

Is this a crush
Maybe infatuation
Is this real love
Or my imagination

[Repeat REFRAIN]
[Repeat CHORUS twice]

Do do do do do do [8x]

Yeah, I know you're lookin' for a man, girl
A gentleman, cut out the minute man
'Cause I'm the one that's gonna keep your body tingling
Earrings jingling, all you need to do is ask
Better hold on real tight, now we moving fast
I wanna make it last, girl, I'm so into you
Wanna be my boo, show me a thing or two
Are you down (I'm down), are you with it (I'm with it)
'Cause it's about to get hot, in a minute I'm yours

[Repeat CHORUS thrice]

Baby boy, I got you, I got you, hey
Do do do do do do [8x until fade]
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