“Tell Me Where It Hurts” by M.Y.M.P.
Album Beyond Acoustic [2005]
Words By Dianne Warren
Music By Dianne Warren
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Why is that sad look in your eyes
Why are you cryin'
Tell me now, tell me now
Tell me why you're feelin' this way
I hate to see you so down, oh, baby

Is it your heart, ooh, that's breakin' all in pieces
Makin' you cry, makin' you feel blue
Is there anything that I can do

Why don't you tell me where it hurts now, baby
And I'll do my best to make it better
Yes, I'll do my best to make those tears all go away

Just tell me where it hurts now, tell me
And I'll love you with a love so tender
Oh, and if you let me stay, I'll love all of the hurt away

Where are all those tears comin' from
Why are they falling
Somebody, somebody
Somebody left your heart in the cold
You just need somebody to hold on, baby

Give me a chance to put back all the pieces
Take your broken heart, make it just like new
There's so many things that I can do

[Repeat CHORUS]

Ooh, gonna take it all away, baby

[Repeat REFRAIN 1]
[Repeat CHORUS]

Tell me, baby, tell me, ooh yeah
Is there anything that I can do, babe

[Repeat 2nd stanza of CHORUS]
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