“I Don't Want You” by MOJOFLY
Album MOJOFLY Now [2005]
Words By Ricci Gurango
Music By Ricci Gurango
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Why you telling me what to do
How to act and look what's good for you
You keep complainin' about the way I dress
When all you want is for you to be impressed, oh yeah

My moods are changin' about our situation, a revelation

I don't want you touchin' me
I don't want you callin' me
I don't want you
I don't want you botherin' me
It's alright
I'm alright
That's alright
It's time to breakaway

I don't think it's worth it anymore
I feel like we've been dying to each other all along
And if you want me to stay
Listen, this is one game that I won't play

[Repeat REFRAIN]
[Repeat CHORUS]



[Repeat CHORUS]

Woh oh
It's time to breakaway
Time to breakaway, oh oh
Time to breakaway
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