“Kalayaan” by Bamboo
Album Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday [2008]
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Laid out and beat down
Modern classic, here's the countdown
I tried to warn you of the dangers
But y'all just laugh out loud
Haha, we're all just dying for the same dream
I pose the question, you answer
They may be following me

So I'll take you deep cover, son
Recognizing the difficulty in this everyday situation
Only been here two days, already asking for the pay day
Here we go back to pre-school, 1-2-3 a-b-c

Pwede bang malaman kung san patungo ang daang ito
Pwede ba, puwede ba
Sa gitna ng gulo

At ngayon tila'y malapit na ang kalayaan
Sa kuko na dala ng dilim, bakit ako na-aaning
Tuwing humihiyaw ang damdamin ng salinlahi ko
Iisa ang tunog sa pulso at yapak ng kapwa ko siraulo

If you could only see
Right in front of me
I'll try to find you a better view
Don't hold me back
I got my orders
I ain't waiting for the rush
Send in the next track

From the flames I'm reborn
Chance to free my soul
From the bottom locked down
Chance to free my soul
From the point of surrender
Chance to free my soul
Sure as the sun sets and rises
Story never gets old

So it's out of my hands now
The future's looking mighty, shiny and bright
Got people talking 'bout the rules of the game, spark the change
Enjoy the rest of your motherfuckin' day

[Repeat REFRAIN]
[Repeat CHORUS twice]
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