“I Never Knew Love” by Lovi Poe
Album The Best of My Heart [2006]
Words By Sherwin Castillo / Mike Tan
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I open my eyes, only to see
Just how sad this world could be
That I often cry alone, ooh

I look at the skies longing to see
There's a chance out there for me
For my heart to be set free

My friends had say that it's okay
When rainbow's fade in clouds of gray
But in my heart, I know someday
True happiness will come my way

I never knew love till I found you
It's magic in your smile
Never knew love till I saw you
Lookin' in my eyes
And suddenly all sadness disappears
True love has finally shown its smilin' eyes on me


I'm searching the skies hopin' to see
If there's someone out there for me
Who will set my poor heart free

[Repeat REFRAIN]
[Repeat CHORUS]

I've once believed that love was just a fairytale
But each time you hold me
Those fairytales come true on you

[Repeat CHORUS]

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