“Last Song” by Hale
Album Twilight [2006]
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I'm breathing the air
I'm thinking of what you've done and said
You crumpled my heart
I was down on my knees

I'm hurting down inside
Wondered if you still even cared
I've cried all alone
I'm done with all these tears

I'm singing my last song
I'm singing my last song
I'm singing my last song for you

I'm healing the wounds
I'm staring at stars across my room
My meaning is lost
I'm bound for defeat

Discover me inside
It's all just a memory left behind
One day I'll fly
So high above my feet

[Repeat CHORUS twice]

And the first time
Is the last thing I'm gonna make
And the next in line
Is the one that whose gonna break you

[Repeat CHORUS twice]

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