“Just for Awhile” by Joey Albert with Gino Padilla
Album Brief Encounters [1992] / Greatest Hits [1998]
Words By Jose Lavina
Music By Jose Lavina
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There's a thrill in my heart
'Cause it feels like the star of a new romance
Taking a change that there's more to your touch
And the way that we dance
I know it's not much, we got only a day
Then you're goin' your own sep'rate way
I'm losing the fight
To the heat of the night
I guess I'm gonna stay
I know it's not right
But I just can't walk away, yeah

Just for awhile
I wanna hold you in my arms
Baby, just for awhile
I wanna keep you safe and warm
(Baby, just for awhile)
I need a reason to believe
That this just for awhile
Can last a long, long time

Yes, I've been here before
But this feels so much
More than one time romance
I don't understand how I'm losing control
With the touch of your hand
You say that you're mine
But it's only a line
Just a game that you play every time
We've checked every wall
Every lock on the door
We leave no clue behind
We're livin' a lie
But this truth I can't deny

[Repeat REFRAIN]

Outside the bus is waiting
Inside my heart is breakin'
And though it's hard to take
I'm still so glad we made it

[Repeat REFRAIN]

Stay awhile
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