“Online” by 6cyclemind
Album Panorama [2005]
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I've been up all night
Checking if you'll be online
I feel this lonely night
Just dream you're right beside me

'Cause I'm counting days
And I'm counting nights
Since you have flown away

'Cause I'm counting days
And I'm counting nights
And I can keep on going
But help me stay online
Help me stay online

I feel this fear inside
Don't blame me, you know why
I hope you'll hold on tight
Don't think that we are wasting time

[Repeat CHORUS except last line]


If I miss you
Will you miss me
If I need you
Will you call me
Will you help me
Help me stay

[Repeat 1st stanza of CHORUS twice]
[Repeat 2nd stanza of CHORUS]
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