“Over and Over” by Joey Albert
Album Joey Albert [1984] / Greatest Hits / Joey Albert [1996] / OPM Timeless Collection Gold Series 2: Joey Albert [1997] / Ikaw Lang ang Mamahalin [1999] / The Story of Joey Albert: The Ultimate OPM Collection [2001]
Words By Gerry Paraiso
Music By Gerry Paraiso
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There are times when I hardly know who I am
'Cause I try to pretend, oh, I try to pretend
There are tears when I feel my world's fallin' apart
I think of you and then
I feel all the love again

Over and over again
I try to pretend love never ends
Once again, ooh, over and over again
I go through it all but love never ends

[Repeat 1st stanza]
[Repeat CHORUS except last word]

With you

[Repeat CHORUS]

Once again, ooh

[Repeat CHORUS]
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