“Can't Help Myself” by Toni Gonzaga
Album All Me [2010]
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Can't sleep tonight 'cause you're on my mind
I guess I'm in love once again
Gazed at a star 'cause that's what you are
You light up my life once again

I'll take this chance for another romance in my life
'Cause you're all that I need

I can't help myself from fallin' in love
With somebody like you 'cause your feelings are true
Can't help myself from fallin' in love
For I can't help myself from fallin' for you

All day I pray that forever you'll stay
And won't let our love fade away
Hear what I say whatever comes our way
We'll be together come what may

[Repeat REFRAIN]
[Repeat CHORUS]

I've never felt this love
Until you came in my life

[Repeat CHORUS]
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